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Save Your Time, Money, & Back

Many think that "self-cleaning" carpet machines are a better option over getting their carpets professionally serviced. I'm here to tell you over 70% of people use them incorrectly or simply too much. Long-term, these cleaners have a potential to ruin your carpet because they're not equipped with strong enough vacuums to remove the chemical it uses to attract dirt . Therefore; continues to attract dirt and leads to excessive moisture and residue from too much cleaner.


Instead of using your own time and energy, save money with us! We can do the hard work for you. AND you won't have to worry about using too much water or possibly damaging your carpet. We have the knowledge and expertise behind keeping your carpet looking as good as new. Our Maxcare cleaning truck comes with a mounted cleaning engine that can reach up to 800 pounds of suction to assure our customers that we're extracting anything we're applying +MORE!

CALL TO SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT TODAY @(618)222-0200 or (618)234-2915

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